Arrr, Pirates Day Finds Land at Ventura Harbor Village

Were you mad for Mermaid Month around the shop-filled destination? Here's another seafaring fest.

PREPPING FOR "TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY"? It's no small task, not if you want to sound authentic, and dress in classic seafaring fashion, for the September event. And while the holiday is still over three months out, there are many ways to practice all of your "arrr"-ing and "thar she blows"-ing before the occasion arrives. On such place is Ventura Harbor Village, a shop- and eatery-filled spot that heartily and humorously embraces its primo, ocean-close location. Exhibit A? Mermaid Month made a splash a couple of months back, giving mermaid mavens the chance to swing by for mermaid-type treats, events, and sightings. Now things are heading on the shore come Sunday, June 10 when...

PIRATE DAY... arrives at Ventura Harbor Village. Well, arrrrives is what we do mean, of course. What can visitors expect from a visit to the village on June 10? No planks need be walked, but you should be ready to encounter "... pirate characters, entertainment, activities, and photo opportunities around every corner." Look-alikes tributing Captain Jack and Captain Hook will be about, and "strolling pirate musicians" will keep that shanty spirit high. There are plentiful happenings, from crafting to music from the Steel Drummers to presentations by Sword Coast Medieval Fighters Club, oh yeah, plus discounts and deals around the village. An example? If you're in a pirate costume, you can score 10% off at Barefoot Boutique. And pirate-y vittles and sips will be for sale at other locations, so huzzah huzzah.

EATS, BEVERAGES, GOODS, and the occasional to-do will have a fee, aye, but getting in? That's totally free, matey, as is parking. The hours are 11 a.m. to 4 o'clock, when Pirates Day, which is celebrating its 13th year, must again set sail for the setting sun.

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