Bliss Out Over Tons of California Tulips

Get acquainted with the thousands of stunning tulips at the Crystal Hermitage Tulip Garden in Nevada City.


WHEN YOU SEE A TULIP, you know a tulip. You're probably never going to turn to a friend and inquire about the flower type, or open an app that guides you to various types of flora. Because the tulip, like the rose, has reputation that is as solid and celebrated as its petals are soft. The tall and straight stem, the sky-reaching petals, the color variety, including a host of bewitching ombres. And finding a whole spread of tulips together? Well, you might be adjacent to a field, or in a special spot like San Francisco's Union Square or Descanso Gardens, near Los Angeles, two places known for their springtime tulip dazzle. Many fans didn't get to experience that dazzle in the spring of 2020, due to the COVID-19 closures, but...

CRYSTAL HERMITAGE... in Nevada City, the iconic tulips are going to town. True, the location is temporarily shuttered, as part of the coronavirus response, but tulip lovers can see a host of photos and videos detailing the 2020 bloom. Some 17,000 bulbs were planted for this season, and many of the flowers are in full and festive form as the last third of April opens its own proverbial petals. Ready to virtually stroll Ananda Village, and soak in some of the sights of springtime? Your vivacious videos are here, and while tulips are certainly the stars, other garden favorites, like cherry trees, also enjoy the spotlight.

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