Big Bear

Glow Golf Glimmers at Big Bear Mountain Resort

Spend the final Friday and Saturday of June 2021 putting after sundown at Bear Mountain Golf Course.

Big Bear Mountain Resort

What to Know

  • Bear Mountain Golf Course at Big Bear Mountain Resort
  • June 25 and 26, 2021
  • $59

THE NIGHTS ARE GROWING SHORTER, now that the longest day of the year has passed, but evenings are still very much on the warm side. This means that we're drawn outdoors after sundown, like so many fireflies, in search of sweet pleasures and summery high jinks. But since we humans don't make our own illumination, like the fireflies do, we have to seek out activities that are illuminated, the sorts of shimmering pursuits that give an alfresco adventure a bit of incandescent oomph. On occasion, such pursuits do shimmer into view, and if you look closely in the direction of Bear Mountain Golf Course, at Big Bear Mountain Resort, you'll notice that the bright hues and cool glow is emanating from golf balls.

GOLF BALLS THAT GLOW... are, in fact, a central component of Glow Golf, as you might have wisely guessed. And the higher elevation destination will be hosting a "9-hole extravaganza," complete with illumination-awesome orbs made for putting, on June 25 and 26, 2021. Your $59 entry fee includes dinner ("finger foods" are what's on the menu, giving you easy-to-nosh goodies before you have to practice your swing), a draft beer or soda, if you prefer, and a glow ball. Oh yes: Your cart rental is covered, as is your green fee. Call it a fresh way to approach calling "fore," with an after-sundown component. Will you have more holes-in-one by starlight than sunlight? Will you sink those hard-to-figure shots with the moon to guide you? Here's where to find out.

GLOWFUL GOINGS-ON... have increased in popularity in recent years, with skating, tubing, and other spirited pastimes taking on a colorful light. If you're looking to be a completest in the field of all glowing activities, wherever and whatever they may be, perhaps adding Glow Golf should be added to your list of glow goals now.

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