Knott's Cookbook Has That Theme Park Flavor

Is boysenberry just about your favorite food group? There's a handy tool for your kitchen at the Knott's Berry Farm Marketplace.

Knott's Berry Farm/George D. Lepp

FITTING A ROLLER COASTER... inside the trunk of your car? That's not going to happen. Trying to wedge a sizable snack stand in your backseat? Also not truly possible, space-wise. Strapping a favorite gift shop, the kind that sells theme park merchandise, to the roof of your vehicle? It will be too large, even if your automobile is fairly huge. The truth of the matter is this: Even if we adore a particular theme park, and know its attractions well, and dream of returning to a favorite ride, we can't take its particular pleasures, quirks, and iconic touchstones home with us.

OR CAN WE? One cursory browse of the online Marketplace for Knott's Berry Farm reveals that fans of the Buena Park destination can order some of the adorable and tasty boysenberry-laden items they've seen on previous visits. And really helping us bring the theme park home? The Knott's Berry Farm Cookbook, which boasts over 30 recipes that, yes, possess plenty of boysenberry-rich kick. There are drinks to make, like boysenberry margaritas, and the ever-popular fried chicken, a longtime staple of Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant.

THE PRICE? It's $20, and, for sure, you can order online. There are more boysenberry-tart tastes to be found around the Marketplace, including a host of jams and preserves, so go boysenberry browsing before you check out. Bringing a bit of Knott's-y niceness to your own kitchen? That's possible, even if it will be awhile before you're back in Buena Park.

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