Mono County

Make a Splash Around Mammoth Mountain

In the mountains and looking for a place to dip the toes? There are lovely lakes nearby.

Mammoth Mountain

WHEN YOU THINK MAMMOTH, and you picture water, you might instantly summon to mind a form of frozen water, the kind of water that makes snow, the sort of snow that famously fills the slopes of the popular ski destination. And that's understandable, for the mountain-top play spot is a spectacular snowflakean wonderland from around November to May each year (though, for sure, the frosty stuff is on its own schedule, meaning a September snowfall isn't out of the question). But when it comes to H2O, Mammoth Mountain is also home to...

SEVERAL LOVELY LAKES, the sort of alpine-style expanses of shimmering, light-catching water. If you find yourself in the peak-pretty place while the weather is still warm-ish, you might seek out Horseshoe Lake, where motorized boats are prohibited, or another refreshing spot. If you prefer to soak yourself where there's a lifeguard, you'll want to stick closer into town and head for Whitmore Pool, shares the Swimming in Mammoth Lakes page. (And, yes, check hours and open info before going.) If you're simply looking to read a book on a slice of shoreline, all while breathing in that magnificent high-altitude air? There's space to be found at a number of lakes around the basin.

START HERE, summer lovers, though keep in mind you'll want to check any California travel advisories before traveling, and the safety policies of any place you visit.

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