Put a Golden State Spin on Your Next Pitcher of Sangria

National Sangria Day is on the way, and the Wine Institute has your California-ready recipe.

Wine Institute

THE DRINKS OF DECEMBER? They're so plentiful that naming them all, all in a row, might prove to be a task too daunting, even for the most devoted seasonal sipper. Hot chocolate takes the Christmas cake for many of us, and winter teas can soothe during a stressful time. Gingerbread Old Fashioneds, martinis that are minty, and toddies redolent with butter are also on the lengthy list of end-of-the-year libations. But there's one sip that shines on one of the longest nights of the year. It's sangria, a wine-whimsical concoction that holds sweet sway in both the summer and winter. Sangria's summertime supremacy is obvious, thanks to all of the various fruits it famously boasts in each classic pitcher, but here's something for...

WINTERTIME SANGRIA-ISTS... to consider: National Sangria Day happens to be the 20th of December. This also makes sense, since Christmas is a time of year when fruit and wine make a sumptuously stylish and spicy pairing. You can make that pairing yourself, at home, thanks to a free recipe from the Wine Institute's "California Wine Cocktails for the Holidays" recipe book. It's digital, so consider it a snap to access, and it includes several glass-filling goodies you can create with some of your go-to Golden State wines.

ORANGE JUICE, APPLE CIDER, brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, and "1 750-ml bottle medium-bodied California red wine, such as Pinot Noir or Grenache" are just some of the add-ins you'll want to have on hand before you stir up the book's California Red Apple Sangria, but there are other ingredients you'll want to have in close by in the kitchen. For the full recipe, sign up to download the digital book now, and daydream about when you'll return to your favorite California winery.

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