Ramenfest at The Goodland Hotel

Who will be the next Ramen King of Santa Barbara? Find out and support No Kid Hungry.

WHAT'S YOUR MUST-HAVE INGREDIENT... when it comes to a truly stellar bowl of steamy, warm-the-cockles, want-another bowl of ramen? Is it the miso? The udon? Should the broth be nearly clear or on the heartier side? How do you feel about a perfectly poached egg crowning the whole delicious bowl, or a generous helping of nori, or a few slices of pork belly, or a smattering of green onions? Putting together the exact right beyond-perfection ramen is a culinary pursuit engaged in by both chefs and eaters alike. And finding a festival devoted to the noodle-icious classic can only encourage that pursuit even further, which is a great thing, indeed. Such a party is just ahead, on Sunday, Nov. 12, and the stated goal of Ramenfest — to "crown the Ramen King of Santa Barbara!" — tells the tale of its location. It's happening at Outpost at The Goodland, in Goleta, and a line-up of top-notch toques from the area will be presenting their most savory, tummy-pleasing ramens over the course of the afternoon. It all gets going at the very lunchy hour of...

NOON, and it wraps at 4 p.m., and during that four-hour run attendees will get to try the ramens made by the participants. "A Fresh Welcome Cocktail" is also included in your $55 ticket ($55 plus a small fee), so consider securing a room at the Kimpton hotel to bed down for the night, or inviting along your ramen-loving designated driver bestie. The best element to the whole noodle-y, udon-tastic day? No Kid Hungry is the beneficiary. Get your ticket info now if the notion of spending a pleasant fall Sunday in Goleta in gustatory bliss appeals.

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