Santas to Paddle in Ventura Harbor

The splashy seasonal happening'll harbor-it-up on the winter solstice.

Ventura Harbor Village

A CERTAIN ON-THE-GO ELF... rather likes zipping around the globe via his super-speedy sleigh, but truth? Sometimes Santa Claus needs to find some inner kick-back, a little deep-down chill, and some most excellent R&R, with a splash of sunshine, too, if possible. Where, though, can the Jolly Old Elf, or at least a number of people dressed in homage to the famous figure, journey to find such a slow-down scene? One likely spot: Ventura Harbor Village on Saturday, Dec. 21. For that's the where and when of the annual Santa Paddle, a celebration of Christmas, briny air, camaraderie, and some wonderful times on the water.

DO YOU HAVE A SANTA HAT, or a yuletide-themed wetsuit, or simply a board and paddle and a desire to greet the gleeful-est stretch of the year in a more relaxed manner? The C Dock in the village is the place to meet, and 11 a.m. is the time (or you can "... launch at the Harbor Boat Launch area and paddle over to Ventura Harbor Village C Dock area"). It's free to join, but if you need to rent your paddle and gear, you'll want to show with some dough. The info on finding festive wear in the village area, and more need-to-knows in the rental arena, can be found at the Santa Paddle HQ.

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