Catalina Island

Silent Films Glow Again on Catalina Island

Enjoy 2012's "Blancanieves" in an outdoor setting at the Catalina Island Museum in Avalon.


What to Know

  • Saturday, May 15
  • Ackerman Family Amphitheater at the Catalina Island Museum
  • $15 members, $20 non-members

AVALON CAN BE AN AURAL EXPERIENCE, from the thrum of the waves to the calls of seabirds to the laughter of people lounging on the sand. But there's also a sweet silence to the sweet spot, especially come nightfall, as the island's feathery residents return to their various nests, visitors make for the mainland or their hotel rooms, and the charming town greets the stars above with a low-key calm. That sweet silence has also flowered on film, due to the film-fun fact that the Catalina Island town has become a center for the showing and appreciation of silent movies. Those movies have paired well with Avalon's vintage aura, and whether they've screened outdoors, or at the deco-delightful Avalon Theatre inside the Casino Building, they've drawn fans from the island and 22 miles across the waves.

A SILENT GEM... will flicker this spring on Catalina Island, thanks to a screening of the lovely and lauded "Blancanieves," the award-winning big-screen work from 2012. The movie, which was inspired by the tale of "Snow White," takes place in Spain around a century ago, and its spectacular style is a perfect complement with Catalina's own historic flair. The place to see it is the Ackerman Family Amphitheater at the Catalina Island Museum, which is, yes, under the sky, so you'll be able to soak up some of that quintessential Catalina ocean air while viewing the film. The 34th annual Avalon Silent Film Showcase, "... one of the world’s longest running annual celebrations of silent film," is the fest behind the feature.

AND THE DATE? Make your way to Avalon on Saturday, May 15. Snacks, including brews and vino, will be for sale, and the museum's galleries will be open for perusing.

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