Snow Goose Fest Is Winging Our Way

Well, it'll come in for a lovely, event-packed landing in and around Chico in late January.

A FULL-ON FEATHER FESTIVAL? You can find plenty of parties devoted to our sky friends around the Golden State, fests that caw throughout the calendar. But only a few of the gatherings focus on a particular type of bird, one that gets the lion's share of the spotlight. Or make that the goose's share, if you prefer, for the mondo bird-watching event winging its way to Chico later in January is all about snow geese. These majestic birds won't be the sole stars of the 21st Annual Snow Goose of the Pacific Flyway celebration, which flaps from Jan. 22-26, 2020, but you can bet that their migratory ways will be a fascinating focus. The "action-packed 5-day festival" will honor "... the remarkable journey of millions of waterfowl and thousands of raptors," birds that "migrate along the Pacific Flyway and call Northern Sacramento Valley their home during the winter months."

LOOK FOR 70+ HAPPENINGS, including field trips to places where birdly beauty will be on awesome display. There shall be workshops, too, if you'd like to bone up on your avian knowledge. The field trips include Eagle Roose Safari, Sandhill Cranes & Winter Raptors, and Demystifying Ducks: Getting to Know Your Waterfowl. Call it an ultimate gathering of feather fans, one that will go beyond the binocs into the lives, migratory patterns, and history of many of the flyers that alight in our state during the colder months. Promised yourself you'd get into nature more in 2020? You can make good on that resolution, right away, at this big bird bash.

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