This Hotel Deal Shows the Love for Health Workers

Join the Meritage Collection's "vacay layaway" program, and know that an overnight will be donated to a healthcare hero.

Meritage Collection

GETTING TO SOAK IN... a favorite destination, hotel, restaurant, attraction, or city? That has been on hold during our #StayatHome period. But a number of places are looking down road, to the time when they can again welcome guests and we can return and show them our support. A few spots have been offering pay-ahead deals, or gift cards, or ways to purchase from the gift shop, all efforts that help out the hotel's employees right now while also giving guests a chance to daydream about a future trip. The Meritage Collection, which includes several Golden State properties, is also offering people the chance to put that vacation on layaway, but there's a nice twist: If you buy your visit ahead of time, the company will donate a night to a healthcare worker.

BUY ONE, GIVE ONE... is the name of the deal, and it works like this: You're invited to purchase a gift voucher, one that will be honored at any of the collection's 30 luxe properties. Then? The hotel has "...has pledged to give a complimentary night gift voucher as a thank you gift to local Healthcare Heroes." The destinations include Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa, which will donate overnight stays to UC San Diego Health, and Meritage Resort & Spa, which give away great stays to Queen of the Valley Medical Center in Napa Valley (Vista Collina is also supporting Queen of the Valley). The gift vouchers are $500, and for each one purchased, the Meritage Collection will donate a night to a healthcare hero. For more on the program, visit the company's Buy One, Give One page now.

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