Tractors to Twinkle at a Cool Calistoga Parade

Mega road vehicles'll sparkle their way through the heart of the wine country town, on the first day of December.

PUTTING A BOW... on the grill of your car? Or wrapping some plastic holly around the handles of your bicycle? Look, it is going to take you some time. It seems like a quick, get-it-done task, the kind of thing you can wrap in under a minute, but after you get the right wrapping wire, and then you decide you want a plaid bow, instead of green... well, you're going to fuss, understandably, over how your vehicle conveys seasonal cheer. But what if you had to decorate a full-on tractor? Or the kind of big-digger you might find at a construction site? That is a calling that will take considerably more time than holly-ing up your bike. And yet? Amazing people do, each and every year, all to bring waves of look-at-that joy to the...

CALISTOGA LIGHTED TRACTOR PARADE: The "ultimate small-town holiday celebration" will roll, chugga-chug, and move forward along Main Street, at a grand and solemn pace, on Saturday, Dec. 1. Prepare to admire, in their fully bulb'd-out forms, "(v)intage and modern tractors, antique trucks, and construction equipment bedecked with dazzling lights..." It's something to see, and a different parade experience, if you're solely accustomed to floats and more traditional expressions of a celebratory outdoor procession. The hour-long hoopdidoo begins at 7 o'clock, but you'll want to arrive early, to make sure you can see the merry sights.

THERE ARE MORE FESTIVITIES... during the weekend, so ponder a longer getaway to the spirited wine country hamlet. Details? The blinking, decoration-laden tractors may be found thisaway, lovers of big machinery and big merriment.

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