Travel, by Podcast, Around the Golden State

The California Now Podcast is highlighting our state's sweet spots.

Chris Axe

WHAT DO YOU LISTEN TO... while you're driving across Bixby Bridge in Big Sur? Or along the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu? Or as you're winding your way to Mt. Shasta on a snowy November morning? A perfect song, a story, or a podcast can really set the mood for any road trip. But how do you find that road-trip spirit while not on the road? You can throw on an album that reminds you of a previous trip, for sure. Or you can go to a podcast that is all about jaunting around the state, and finding the most interesting hotels, eateries, museums, and more. If you're on your couch and not in your car during these stay-at-home days, and you're daydreaming about open highways and mountain hamlets and fall foliage, there is a way to find a bit of that flavor without even stepping beyond your front door.

HOST SOTERIOS JOHNSON... is at the sunshine-seeking helm of the California Now Podcast, from Visit California, and recent topics have been as gloriously gamut-y as you might hope. An episode loving upon our state's open spaces was a recent treat, and when foodie Phil Rosenthal is in the sup-around spotlight, life just gets better. You can roam other podcasts from the recent podcasts, if you're keen to take on topics like Catalina Island and the tacos of Southern California. Ready to go on a road trip, at least the road trip that currently exists in your mind and heart? Rev up your personal engine, spread some road-style snacks on the coffee table, and dig into these cool California adventures-by-ear from the cozy comfort of your couch.

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