We're Sweet on This Sourdough Festival

However you slice it, this Cherry Valley event is sure to draw bread buffs from all over.


What to Know

  • Feb. 19 through March 6, 2022 (weekends only)
  • Highland Springs Ranch & Inn in Cherry Valley
  • Free admission, $10 parking; workshops and food/drink purchases are additional

CHEWY, TOOTHSOME BLISS: There aren't many foods that simultaneously rock several textures, and an assortment of mouthfeels, and a variety of tangy flavors, all in a single, super-memorable bite. And yet sourdough, that oil-dippable, butter-spreadable superstar can be both chewy and crispy all at once, with a pleasing sourness that doesn't overwhelm, but rather gently haunts the palate. Honoring this amazing foodstuff? We deliciously do so daily, in places like San Francisco, a longtime bastion for the bread, and all bakeries that create boules, loaves, and rolls to remember. If this is your go-to staff of life, and you've always wanted to see sourdough get a multi-weekend happening thrown in its timeless honor, you're in some lovely luck: Highland Springs Ranch & Inn, in Cherry Valley, will give sourdough its own stage over three flavorful weekends.

WORKSHOPS... are on the roster, if you'd like to burnish your fermenting skills (or even just get to know what the process entails). There are a number of free lectures, too, including one intriguingly called "What Else Can You Do With Your Sourdough Starter?," presented by The Fermenters Club. Fermented goodies are among the focuses of the Vendor Village, and at the 123 Farm Eatery? Sourdough is the central component of many of the for-sale dishes, including the Fried Chicken Sandwich, which boasts a sourdough batter, and the Avocado Tartine, served on an ancient grain sourdough.

123 FARM... at Highland Springs is the spot for many earthy events throughout the calendar, including the much-loved Lavender Festival of May and June. Now? Sourdough is the tempting and timeless star, over three weekends, starting on Feb. 19. Entry is free, parking is $10, and workshops, as well as food and drink purchases, are additional.

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