Ready for a Reset? Jump Start Your 2020 With These Tips

From dandelion tea to eating your veggies here are some natural ways to detox

Ready for a detox after the holiday season? Nurse Barbara Dehn sat down with California Live to give you all the tips to help you jump start your 2020.

Drink Your Detox

Feeling bloated and lethargic? Drink your detox for a quick easy fix. Dehn recommends drinking two glasses of lemon water every morning to get the instant detox you are looking for. Squeezing lemon into your water can help combat bloat and flush out extra salt and preservatives. Plus, two glasses of lemon water in the morning can get rid of morning breathe.

Dehn also recommend drinking dandelion tea as another way to detox. Dandelion tea is a natural liver cleanser so it is a perfect way to flush out the extra glasses of wine you had over New Years.

Turn Your Plate Into a Rainbow

Turn your plate into a rainbow with a variety of vegetables. Dehn says the vegetables will help you naturally detox. She recommends vegetables like broccoli, cucumbers and cauliflower. Just be careful about adding too much salt when seasoning the vegetables.

Dehn also recommends using plant based oils when detoxing. Oils like avocado oil, olive oil and almond oil can make a big difference in jump starting your detox.

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Keep Your Detox Going Over Night

Keep your detox going throughout the night by relaxing before bed and making sure you're getting enough sleep. Dehn recommends relaxing before bed with a nice warm bubble bath. Dehn also recommends using wax ear plugs over foam ear plugs as wax ear plugs block out the sound more.

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