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100th Shop: Cheese Legend Goes Studio City

Murray's, a NYC staple, is making a savory California stand.



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    Murray's Cheese Shop
    New York City's own Murray's Cheese opens its 100th store in Studio City on Saturday, Feb. 1.

    On the Grand Stress-Reducing Places to Visit in Life pyramid, the classic cheese shop is near the very tippy top.

    Now, we know that the pyramid's order varies for each individual. But cheese shop-based obsessions tend to run rampant through large swaths of the population, if only because A) cheese and B) cheese and C) crackers and wine. Oh, right, and cheese.

    Murray's Cheese of New York City has done much to create this Muenster-flavored mythos. Founded in 1940 in Greenwich Village, Murray's soon became a creamy fixture on the single-item shop scene, providing quality dairy deliciousness from many points of the globe.

    This dedication to supreme cheese meant that Murray's grew and grew, but in a reasonable way, appearing as stand-alone enterprises in grocery stores across the country. And the Emmental emporium is about to hit store #100, which will debut in Southern California on Saturday, Feb. 1.

    Spot? The Studio City Ralph's.

    To mark the tangy occasion, wine and cheese tastings'll unroll at every Murray's location throughout the day on Feb. 1. A Grilled Cheese Truck giveaway is also scheduled for the 100th location, so look for the cheesy wheels in Studio City. The first hundred "Murray's Melts" will be free that day, starting at 11 a.m.

    And to head into the aromatic achievement? A shopping spree contest'll start early, on Jan. 22, on Facebook. What would you do with a hundred bucks of cheese? You'd have some very happy friends, we'd imagine.

    Another cheese shop in our atmosphere -- or cheese-o-sphere, if you prefer -- is always a positive thing. It's the ultimate classy comfort food, neither too snooty nor too easy, and cheese shop specialists, like the ones who work for Murray's, can lead the nervous party host to that perfect middle balance.

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