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150 Free Concerts in Downtown Pas

Make Music Pasadena is "the West Coast's Largest Free Music Festival."



    150 Free Concerts in Downtown Pas
    Make Music Pasadena
    Make Music Pasadena is called the largest free concert on the West Coast, it's in downtown Pas, and it pics up the drumsticks on Saturday, June 1.

    When one sees a crowd of music fans stretching to the horizon, one very often sees the palm trees of the Coachella Valley in the background or perhaps the shrubs of Golden Gate Park (the two homes to California's largest multi-day music festivals, Coachella Music & Arts and Outside Lands).

    What one does not expect to see is the breakfast place where they pick up their donut before work or the shop that carries the T-shirts they like. But that is the surprising scene at Make Music Pasadena, a daylong concert billed as "the largest free music festival on the West Coast."

    To either side, the historic buildings of Old Pas. In the middle of the boulevard? Some 35,000 music fans listening to 12 hours of tunes for absolutely no money.

    Make Music Pasadena just announced its line-up for Saturday, June 1, a show that once again happen at spots around Downtown Pasadena. Count 'em up: 150 concerts are expected to strum over from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

    And on the big stage? Headliners like Yacht, Tanlines, We Are Scientists, Robert DeLong, and Hunter Hunted.

    And on the quirkier, here-and-there stages? All sorts of "mini-recitals." They're not small in scope, though, hoo boy; a 15-ukulele orchestra is on the bill.

    So, how to go to a free free free mega concert with 34,999 of your nearest and dearest? The Gold Line stops nearby, if you don't want the parking headache. And you don't.

    Make Music Pasadena takes over the Crown City on Saturday, June 1.

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