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826LA Fundraiser: Kids Create Pizzas at Mohawk Bend

Young chefs'll get inventive to help the local literary-minded organization.



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    Mohawk Bend
    826LA students make for Echo Park's Mohawk Bend on Wednesday, July 16 at 11 to engage in some pizza innovation. The favorite pizza'll go on the menu for August, with four bucks from each pie going to 826LA.

    Parents very often line up the makings for pizza -- the crusts, the jars of sauce, the pepperoni, the chopped peppers and olives -- as a way to A) keep their kids busy and B) have some dinner made in the process and C) maybe stoke the early fires of an interest in cuisine.

    But what if that pizza-based inventiveness could have another satisfying dimension, one that includes fundraising for a local organization devoted to promoting literacy and writing skills in young people?

    It could and shall: Mohawk Bend is teaming with students from 826LA on Wednesday, July 16 for a few hours of pizza-makery alongside the restaurant's Executive Chef. The program? It's called "A Piece of the Pie," and whatever pizza is voted the kids' favorite will go on the eatery's menu for August.

    And any time that pizza is ordered? Yep, some money goes to the literacy-loving programs of 826LA. Four bucks, in fact, which is nothing to sneeze over. (Sneezing and pizza should only go together if you add too much chili powder, of course.)

    Four bucks multiplied by a lot of savory pizza goodness sold during the long month of August could do a world of good for children who dream of authoring books one day, or who are swinging by 826LA to polish up sentence structure, learn more about syntax, or just daydream a story or two.

    A nice coda? Both Mohawk Bend and 826LA are in Echo Park. We guess it is true that neighbors really do have each others' backs.

    And one more interesting Mohawk Bend event for July, though it isn't related to the pizza-fundraising-826LA good times: Sriracha-loving cookbook author Randy Clemens'll be by the eatery on July 21 to make a meal based on his heat-loving vege-loving cookbook. Four courses of Sriracha spiciness? 

    We'll raise a rooster-labeled bottle of red hot sauce to that.

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