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A 10th Birthday Party for Walt Disney Concert Hall

One of the most distinctive performance venues in the world throws a block party for music lovers.



    A 10th Birthday Party for Walt Disney Concert Hall
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    Want to pay tribute to Walt Disney Concert Hall on its 10th birthday? Dance on Grand Avenue -- as in the middle of it -- on Saturday, Oct. 5 at a mega birthday block party. (Photo by Ben Horton/Getty Images)

    It's obvious to note, but most buildings are for going in, yes? 

    We didn't just shake your world, did we? Good.

    This is probably one of the unspoken tenets of architecture. If a structure is constructed, the people building it intend for the inside of it to be enjoyed, used, or somehow employed in some manner.

    And Walt Disney Concert Hall certainly is, and rather marvelously, too. But it may be one of those unusual wonders that is as equally admired and visited for its exterior, too. How many Angelenos have driven an out-of-towner by the Shiny Doyenne of Grand Avenue, simply so the visitor could gawk or ooh or ahhh or do all of those things in turn?

    Many, is the answer.

    Which means it can be difficult to believe that this bewitching, curvy-turvy performance venue is turning ten. Some might feel like it has been around LA forever, since the dawn of time -- it looks like some prehistoric spaceship, yes, when the light catches it right? -- and some will find it hard to believe that only a decade has flown.

    Both sides of the fence are invited to a free block party on Grand Avenue on Saturday, Oct. 5. It's in honor of Walt Disney Concert Hall's big 10th birthday, hooray hooray, and several celebratory doings will be afoot.

    As in literally afoot. Dancing in the street -- Grand Avenue will be shut down in front of the concert hall -- is on the 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. docket -- as is a flash-mob-y MP3-experiment. (A "synchronized series of unexpected activities" is promised.)

    Improv Everywhere hosts that slice of high-jinxery, and Pacifico Dance Company and Los Texmaniacs are set to perform as well. Visual workshops and architecture tours of the famous, famous, super-famous building are also part of the party.

    It's a grand -- er, Grand -- way to wish one of the world's most recognizable structures and a very fine place to be heart-stirred a happy first decade. And we'll do so here, too:  Happy 10th, Walt Disney Concert Hall!

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