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A Steady Rain of Yuks: Big Screen Three Stooges

The laff-it-up Alex Theatre tradition brings a dose of old-style comic chaos.



    A Steady Rain of Yuks: Big Screen Three Stooges
    The Three Stooges
    The Three Stooges reign at the Alex Theatre on Nov. 29. It's the traditional, Saturday-after-Thanksgiving Stooge celebration.

    There are committed fans out there, millions of 'em, people who can quote movie lines out the wazoo and know what sort of stitching Han Solo's vest boasts and will tell you the intricacies of a romcom, from the meet-cute to the final kiss.

    And then, ladies and germs, we have devotees of the Three Stooges, a larkful lot so outrageously stand-alone in the realm of serious fandom that they practically deserve their own private island, a place where nyuks, yuks, and pratfalls of every sort may flourish freely.

    Until that day, we have the annual Three Stooges on the Big Screen happening, a multi-hour, multi-laff happening that fills Glendale's Alex Theatre up to the stooge-y brim with people who KNOW their Stooge stuff.

    No joke when it comes to these joke-knowers. Han Solo fans, and fans of everything else, try harder in your particular arenas.

    The Saturday, Nov. 29 event -- it's always the Saturday after Thanksgiving -- is the 17th outing for this consortium of sheer Stoogery. "Three Slaps and Yer Out" -- the name of this go-around -- will feature, on the big screen, works that include "Ants in the Pantry," "Playing the Ponies," and a Shemp short called "Mr. Curly." Plus others from the heyday of Larry, Moe, and Curly, so prepare yourself for some '40s-flavored high-jinx-ery of the tallest order.

    Alex Film Society presents, the time is 2 p.m., the ticket price is $15, and the prints? They're 35MM and top-notch, per the society.

    Which makes every scowl Larry gives Moe or every fall Curly take that much crisper. And, we know, we so know, you've seen the Stooges, again and again, but studying their every movement, aside, and facial gesture is key for the hardcore, nyukity-nyuk fanbase.

    Has physical comedy reached quite the ballet-meets-ballast proportions since the trio's reign? Discuss away, Stoogeans, as you wait for the next classic flick to begin.

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