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Beer on Tap for AMC Burbank 16

Will you soon be sipping suds in this particular cinema?



    Beer on Tap for AMC Burbank 16
    AMC Burbank 16 has applied for a liquor license. If a bar is added to the venue, it'll join the 65 AMC theaters around the country that serve alcohol.

    Movies, and the movie business, has evolved over time, which means how we recommend a film to a friend has evolved, too.

    Used to be that a movie being accompanied by live orchestration was a big deal, then actual audio, then movies in color, then 3D flicks, then midnight movies, and cheapo double features, too.

    Nowadays, though, you're likely to hear "they serve beer" as a selling point from your in-the-know pal.

    That could soon be the case with AMC Burbank 16, which applied for a liquor license on May 23. The license "would allow AMC to open a bar for theatre patrons," a news release stated.

    AMC currently operates bars at 65 theatres around the country.

    It wouldn't be the first local movie house to go the suds route. ArcLight Hollywood and El Segundo allow patrons to have adult beverages at the 21+ screenings. Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas, which has a trio of venues around Southern California, is going the alcohol and food route for patrons. And IPic, formerly Gold Class, is going the same bites-and-bev way at its Pasadena and Westwood locations.

    It's a premium trend that's been growing for awhile but has a ways to go, if the continued popularity of foamy drinks plus a hot film is an indication.

    Or maybe fully dine-in will be the trend to fully take off? The AMC in Marina del Rey offers that option, meaning dinner does not need to be downed in two minutes as you scurry to make your screen time.

    The permit request for AMC Burbank 16 is pending.

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