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Beverly Hills, in Gigantic Cake Form

A 15,000-slice confection is on tap for the city's Centennial Block Party.



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    The City Hall Tower, one of the symbols of Beverly Hills, is set to appear on the city's 4,000-pound centennial cake. Want a slice? The block party's on Sunday, April 27.

    When's the last time you baked a cake for a birthday party? Do you remember pausing to count out slices, pre-cutting, to make sure every paper hat-wearing partier got his or her fair share?

    That tasty task is now set before Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel and Guittard Chocolate Company, but rather than silently notching frosting with a spatula, to make sure there shall be slices for everyone at the kitchen table, they'll be creating a cake boasting over 15,000 slices.

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    It's in honor of a certain city's glittery 100th birthday, and the "Rodeo Drive" above is a particularly potent clue. Beverly Hills is marking its centennial, and the posh hotel and candy artists have been tapped to make the cake for the Centennial Block Party on Sunday, April 27.

    This'll be a little bigger than any birthday cake you've baked, or anyone has baked, unless anyone has baked a cake exceeding 4,000 pounds. That's the expected weight of the kosher treat, which'll span 20 feet in length. It's width will also be impressive, and indeed the height: 15 feet and ten feet, respectively.

    And will there be a clown with balloons or a unicorn or superhero in frosting to top it all off? Au contraire: Rodeo Drive and the city hall tower will be two prominent cake features.

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    But don't think Beverly Hills is too posh in the clown-style department. The Centennial Block Party will be a true block party, filling three blocks of Rodeo with carnival rides and games.

    Pretty charming, right? To say you rode a Tilt-A-Whirl, or similar, outside some of the world's toniest boutiques?

    So cheers and happy 100th, Beverly Hills. The city's actual birthday is Jan. 28, but you can bet the celebrating will go on throughout the year throughout the Golden Triangle.

    Now, who is going to count out all 15,000+ slices, ahead of the block party?

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