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California's Largest Open-Air Film Fest Is Back in Old Pas

Four weeks, twenty films, and not a dime that needs to be spent.



    California's Largest Open-Air Film Fest Is Back in Old Pas
    Old Pasadena
    The Old Pasadena Film Festival opens on Friday, July 5 with a screening of "The Endless Summer."

    If someone told us that the lovely people behind the scheduling of mondo events in Old Pasadena were in possession of a magic crystal ball, we'd believe them right about now.

    It turns out that the first movie of the historic shopping district's free annual film festival is "The Endless Summer." Yep, that was scheduled a long time ago, way ahead of the week that turned out to be one of our region's hottest stretches in memory.

    But the forecast says things'll cool off a mite in time the festival's opening on Friday, July 5, meaning that you can watch the 1966 classic without feeling, well, that you're slogging through an endless summer.

    And when we say this is all happening in Old Pasadena, there are a few locations hosting the screenings: Distant Lands, Central Park, and One Colorado Courtyard.

    Other goodies will follow over the four-week schedule. There's some horror in the mix -- "The Haunting" from 1963 certainly qualifies -- and some comedies, too -- helloooo, "Annie Hall" and "The Fantastic Mr. Fox."

    There's a casual, community-nice atmosphere to the weekend nights; think of it as watching a movie at home, only bigger and outside. Also, if you're headed for a Central Park flick, blankets and chairs are a-ok.

    Two things to note: The movies charge no admission but you'll want to pack some cash for parking and perhaps to eat in the area as well.

    Also? This is billed as California's largest open-air film festival (about 10,000 people attend all the screenings over the month). That's impressive, given that California is both home to a) the film industry and b) a lot of glorious open air.

    Nicely done, Old Pas. We're still loving "The Endless Summer" coinkidink, too (though we're glad the heat is vamoosing in time).

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