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City Hall-Adjacent Cinema: Free Films at Grand Park

The series kicks off in August with "The Sandlot."



    City Hall-Adjacent Cinema: Free Films at Grand Park
    Grand Park
    Free movies at Grand Park open on Saturday, Aug. 3 and run through Saturday, Sept. 14. Movie one? "The Sandlot." Can your dog join? On a leash. Is it free? As mentioned.

    It's getting to the honest-to-goodness point that if something is happening in this city, and it is free, and your leashed dog can join you, and there will be food trucks, it is probably going down at Grand Park.

    We're just saying, if the location on an event isn't listed, but it contains one or more of those things, you'll probably show up in the right place if you just turn your car toward the still new-ish City Hall-adjacent green space.

    There's the mega National Dance Day ahead for the verdant downtown plot, on July 27, but let's shimmy past that and look to the free '80s and '90s film series set to open at Grand Park on Saturday, Aug. 3.

    Movies'll screen every Saturday through Saturday, Sept. 14. Film one? "The Sandlot." The final film? "E.T.: The Extraterrestrial."

    And in the middle? Lots of crowd-cool movies (meaning hauling along the young'uns is probably okay for most of the films, but we'll let you determine that).

    By the by, "Back to the Future" skateboards onto the big screen on Aug. 10. Yes, we know all about its LA cred -- Pasadena's landmark Gamble House serves as Doc Brown's house -- but do you know where that Burger King scene at the very start is? Victory Avenue in Burbank, just a pinch north of Magnolia.

    Which means this: Doc Brown's house is ostensibly, in the movie's universe, located behind that Burger King. Well, the workshop/lab is, anyway, meaning the flux capacitor was invented right there on Victory Boulevard.

    "Back to the Future"-obsessed nerds of SoCal, you feel our fervor on this, right?

    Picnics are okay at Grand Park, alcohol is not. Oh, and one more SoCal-y tidbit? "Special guests" may show at these screenings. We don't take this for granted, right? If the cinematographer for an '80s classic turns up to Q&A? Just consider all of the cinematographer-less screenings going on elsewhere this summer, then think about how cinematographer-ful our city's free screenings tend to be. Lucky us.

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