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'First-Ever' Fried Chicken Night with Nancy Silverton

The beloved chef'll be in the La Brea Bakery Café house for this savory, sides-plentiful celebration.



    'First-Ever' Fried Chicken Night with Nancy Silverton
    La Brea Bakery
    A fried chicken sandwich created by the great Nancy Silverton? Oh yum. Join the chef at La Brea Bakery on Thursday evening, June 13 for a celebration of fried chicken and great sides.

    What to Know

    • Thursday, June 13

    • La Brea Bakery

    • $40

    When does fried chicken season officially begin?

    Some might say when the summer season starts, during Memorial Day Weekend, while others will look to the solstice for the green light on this hearty dish.

    Still other fried chicken fans might claim that the Fourth of July is the the true start-it-off holiday for the spice-laden classic, and eating it beforehand is not traditionally done.

    But when Nancy Silverton, the acclaimed chef, author, restaurateur, and all-around foodie wizard, says it is fried chicken go-time, we go. And on Thursday, June 13, we'll go straight to La Brea Bakery Café, which is holding its "first-ever" Fried Chicken Night.

    Ms. Silverton will be at the helm of the happy proceedings, which'll take on a family-style air. That means you'll be passing the plates, and maybe making a little chitchat along the way with some new-to-you fellow foodies.

    Or the foodies you arrive with, if you have some co-fried chicken lovers in your life.

    The cost is forty dollars, and that includes Ms. Silverton's fried chicken (made from her best recipes), garlic mashed potatoes and, mmm, butter beans, too. And, for sure, this is La Brea Bakery Café, so there shall be biscuits, of the buttermilkiest assortment.

    Side note? Buttermilk biscuits are always in season. 

    And have you heard of Nancy's Budino? Calling all butterscotch buffs who dig a tang of saltiness with your sweets: You need to check this off your dessert-themed bucket list, pronto.

    It's all getting super-savory and hello-summery from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. on the 13th, a day that does arrive juuuust about a week before the solstice's summertime kick-off.

    So is fried chicken season actually happening now? It's whenever you'd like it to be. And, of course, if Nancy Silverton is ready to celebrate, and she's bringing the buttermilk biscuits and budino, we'll 100% get on board that.

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