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'Frozen' Sing-Along Returns to Hollywood

Better polish up your "Let It Go" before you go.



    'Frozen' Sing-Along Returns to Hollywood
    Better polish up your "Let It Go" before you go. The frosty phenomenon returns to the El Capitan from Aug. 20 through Sept. 16, in a you-sing-with-it format.

    There may be actual magic inside "Frozen," Disney's joyful juggernaut to end all other joyful juggernauts, the animated films that would happily make a grab for its cold and glittering crown. 

    Exhibit A: The song-filled flick is returning to El Capitan for a four-week sing-along engagement starting on Aug. 20, just days after the heat really kicked in around Southern California and people are longing for some refreshing A/C and some wintry world-building.

    "Frozen," as always, your timing is impeccable. 

    Not just with your return date, but your timing works on another front, too. Consider Exhibit B: Word is running rampant 'round the web about a particular plot point. Were the parents of Anna and Elsa, the couple lost at sea, expecting a baby as they ventured out onto the ocean? And would that baby grow up to be "Tarzan"?

    This is happening, "Frozen" fans, and no less than the film's co-director, Chris Buck, has theorized in this direction. That the girls' parents did not sink but rather were shipwrecked with their baby boy (or that baby boy came along later, on the island they landed upon).

    If you need to see the movie again, on the big screen, in a grand theatre, to ponder how the "Tarzan" storyline weaves into the tale of two royal girls and their forever bond, your chance is just ahead.

    And, yes, there are multiple other Disney worlds bumping up against "Frozen," in the fan theory forums, from "Tangled" to "The Little Mermaid," so keep that all in mind as you figure out where The Kingdom of Arendelle fits the larger picture.

    If you need to brush up on your "Frozen" lyrics ahead of the sing-along, best do that. Surely it has been months since your little tyke, or, for that matter, you, has warbled "Let It Go" or "Do You Want to Build a Snowman"?

    Oh we jest. Everyone everywhere knows all the lyrics, even those 37 remaining people who've never seen the film. The words to all the songs linger above us, in the atmosphere, like oxygen.

    So to sit among other mavens of the movie, and warble your heart out, on a hot summer day, will be a fun and easy thing to do. Ferreting out the mystery and undercurrents surrounding the "Tarzan" theory, and the other movie mythos that have fans obsessed, might require a bit more engagement.

    It's your choice how you watch this go-around, Olaf aficionados. Songfully or Sherlock-like? 

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