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Holiday Photo Twist: Selfies With Santa

Figat7th is putting a spin on the time-honored snapshot tradition.



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    Need a fresh take on your snapshot with Kris Kringle? Figat7th is hosting Selfies with Santa.

    How many times have you cried while sitting upon the mall Santa's knee?

    Well, probably for sure when you were two or three years old and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the lights and lines and your parents jumping up and down behind the photographer. But many grown-ups still feel fidgety about a visit with Kris Kringle, even if they don't reach the point of tears. 

    It's the pressure, right? You 100% want to make the Nice list.

    Figat7th, however, is putting a big-kid twist on the traditional holiday photo affair, and, nope, it doesn't involve you crying but yep, it does involve you holding out your own phone, at arm's length, while you and the Jolly Ol' Elf go put your heads-together, pose-style.

    The downtown destination has kicked off Selfies with Santa, a free treat for shoppers who want a pic with St. Nick but are looking for an image with Instagram-ready cred.

    Santa's waiting for selfie seekers in his tree-adjacent chair every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (and special evening hours on Dec. 5). Final day? Dec. 20, which means you could still have time to put together your holiday greetings with your spankin' new Santa selfie.

    If you aren't especially into arm's-length photography, you can absolutely go old-school and have someone else snap a photo, with your camera, of you and Santa Claus together in the usual, time-honored way.

    Make for TASTE if you're looking for the visiting North Pole dignitary, and dress your festive best. Selfies may be the new take on Santa snapshots, but pulling out your best snowman sweater is not up for discussion: You totally should.

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