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LA Ballet, Free and Alfresco

Ever picnicked while experiencing high culture? On your toes, Angelenos.



    LA Ballet, Free and Alfresco
    Reed Hutchinson & Catherine Kanner
    Allynne Noelle in George Balanchine's "Rubies." Experience the LA Ballet, for free, at Grand Park on Saturday, July 6.

    When ballet goers are seen on film, they're very often dressed to the nines (which we think means all fancy) and swanning beneath chandeliers in some posh concert hall.

    But what if you could leave the jewels and sequins at home and enjoy classical ballet while rocking a pair of your comfiest shorts and a messy ponytail and eating a club sandwich? Would you be asked to leave the theater at once? 

    In most cases, yes, but at Grand Park, on Saturday, July 6, you will be perfectly dressed and perfectly coiffed and perfectly club-sandwiched. The Los Angeles Ballet is set to perform, yes, but it will be an "under the stars" thing -- three of our favorite words -- and completely free to see.

    How often can you see a world-class ballet for free? We'll just cut to the chase on that one: not often. In fact, almost never.

    Picnics are welcome, but the spirits, beer, and wine should remain at home.

    "Agon" and "Rubies" will be presented, lending a Stravinsky-sweet, Balachine-stylish feel to the evening. And when we say "Balanchine-stylish" we mean it: The choreographer's trust is involved, meaning the presentation will highly Balanchinean.

    Just because this is outdoors doesn't mean standards won't be concert hall-high.

    Time is 7:30 p.m. Dress is casual, as mentioned, but if you want to go fancy, complete with high heels and a gown, no one'll stop you. Please be careful, though, walking through all that grass.

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