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New Wave Party: "Blade Runner," 1980s Outfits, and the Getty

The bash is in honor of "Overdrive: LA Constructs the Future."



    New Wave Party: "Blade Runner," 1980s Outfits, and the Getty
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    "Blade Runner" screens for free at the Getty Center on Friday, July 19. A bonus? A DJ, drinks, and revelers rocking New Wave '80s outfits.

    Cities that "own" those movies that employed the city as a location or inspiration during filming are both, hmm. Charming, yes, and, well, a little feather-ruffling, too.

    You know how Chicago kind of thinks it owns "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"? (It does.) And New York completely owns "Ghostbusters"? (Ditto.) We have film location envy. You, too? We all do.

    But Angelenos needn't be jealous. Our own metropolis is the proud, braggy, and oh-so-vocal owner of "Blade Runner" and there isn't much to discuss beyond that fact.

    Which means that come 2019, the year the future-noir-y 1982 Ridley Scott classic takes place in, we'll all be slightly insufferable 'round these parts, and we say this in the most loving way possible. We should be puffed-of-chest about this film. And we expect every local arthouse to screen it monthly.

    But until that fabled year, which is really just a half decade away -- exclamation points !!!! -- we can turn to the Getty Center, which is screening the LA-esque dystopian-replicant-dreamscape wonder on Friday, July 19. It's in honor of "Overdrive: LA Constructs the Future," and there shall be free tours of said exhibit early in the evening, ahead of the film.

    There also shall be outlandish New Wave costumes on attendees. That's you, and if you don't have a Daryl Hannah wig and unitard, you have time to get your Pris on.

    Dance lessons a la the 1980s, a DJ, a photo booth, and other Getty goodness will festoon the free event. Things rev up at 6 p.m., and before you ask, yes, the "Blade Runner" is indeed The Final Cut. Phew, right? 

    Of course, you could always break out your Deckard-style trench coat for a costume -- that's easy -- but challenge yourself. Why not show at the Brentwood institution as an origami unicorn?

    Best start trying out your best "Blade Runner" ideas now, since 2019 is just over a half decade away.

    Parking for your Spinner is ten bucks.

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