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One Photograph Captures Dawn to Dusk

Dawn and dusk, seen in a single snapshot at a Santa Monica gallery.



    One Photograph Captures Dawn to Dusk
    (c) Stephen Wilkes/Courtesy Peter Fetterman Gallery
    Photographer Stephen Wilkes depicts whole days, and nights, in his photographs. Admire his epic-scope works at the Peter Fetterman Gallery in Santa Monica through Jan. 2, 2015.

    We don't give time much thought most of the time, and definitely not snooze-through-it dawn, unless we're morning birds, or we work overnights and the rising of the sun heralds our quitting time.

    But Daylight Saving Time puts sunrise at the forefront of our minds, at least for a few days. And few people have captured the concept of time-passage as strikingly as Connecticut-based photographer Stephen Wilkes.

    Mr. Wilkes globetrots to famous locations and takes multiple photographs of a sky over a famous landmark or scene progressing from light to dark.

    Here on one side of the large-scale snapshot? The pinky streaks of an early day. On the other side? Evening stars. And in the middle? High noon and other points of the clock, all lending a different perspective on a known landmark or location.

    His work is on display in the "Day to Night" exhibit at the Peter Fetterman Gallery in Santa Monica through Friday, Jan. 2. "The images are created by photographing from one camera angle for up to 15 hours, continually observing and capturing thousands of specific moments throughout the day and night in some of the world's most famed locations."

    "A select group of these images" then go into the final work, a process that takes "several months" to complete.


    If the idea summons to mind the popular "A Day in..." projects, well, that's a-ok, but it is wholly different. Places, not people, are the typical centerpieces, and rather than multiple photographs depicting a destination, one photo fills the whole. Santa Monica Pier is in the set, as is Yosemite's Tunnel View. The Eiffel Tower and a Presidential inauguration are two more glow-to-gloam gems in the set.

    "The ongoing global photography project" lends us a new perspective on something we experience each day, but never all at once: dawn and dusk, both. It's rather a nice thing that those two times aren't crammed together, in reality, but play out chronologically, but in a photo of a famous place? 

    The unlikely pairing is surreal and splendid, both.

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