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Savory + Suds: San Gabriel Dumpling & Beer Fest

Enjoy a Mission District evening, and loads of fine foams and perfect pockets of goodie-filled deliciousness, too.



    Savory + Suds: San Gabriel Dumpling & Beer Fest
    Candice Nguyen/AP
    Are you a dumpling devotee? Love a nice crafty cold one alongside your pot stickers? Best make for the Mission District on Oct. 4.

    What to Know

    • Thursday, Oct. 4

    • San Gabriel Mission District

    • $24-$29; $40 beer-tasting wristband

    Say the word "brew" during the month of October and many people will start conjuring up the ideal supper, the kind of fall feasting that has long paired well with a well-made beer.

    And, yes, because it is October, that's going to be a bratwurst, or a schnitzel, or one of the other edible icons of Oktoberfest, a falltime festivity that has rather cornered the craft beer scene, at least as far as this time of year goes.

    But other parties, parties that may not have Chicken Dances but do have plenty of fantastic attributes and offerings, also dot the October calendar, with an especially satisfying, tummy-filling, pairable-perfection one just ahead, on Thursday, Oct. 4.

    It's the San Gabriel Dumpling & Beer Fest, and the very name may have you tucking a napkin into your collar.

    Why? Because few hearty foodstuffs go as well with a hopsy libation, and given the dumpling's ability to incorporate all manners of meaty fillings, the pair-up taste combos are pretty darn extensive.

    And from the "pretty" category, there is the fact that this all takes place in San Gabriel's Mission District, a most delightful area for dining about.

    A ticket? They start at $23, and end at $29, and a beer-tasting wristband is $40.

    By the by, this is billed as "A Local Twist on Oktoberfest," if you're still sensing some of the Oktober-savory vittles-foamy drinks character, which the festival very much has, oh yeah.

    It also boasts a Dumpling Eating Contest, as well as a contest for Best Dumpling, and prize money for Most Original Dumpling, too.

    So, can you picture the idea of Oktoberfest with a dash of dumpling deliciousness? That's sweet San Gabriel-style enjoyment, for sure. Enjoy all of that, and the easy-breezy, four-hour to-do, on Oct. 4 in the Mission District.

    Donning your lederhosen? Not necessary, but these fall nights are taking a turn for the brisker. Best find a few dumplings to warm up the tum, pronto.

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