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Snow Day at Angel City Brrrr-ewery

Yawning over all of this gorgeous weather? There's a frosty fix for that.



    Snow Day at Angel City Brrrr-ewery
    Angel City Brewery throws a Snow Day on Friday, Jan. 23.

    Oh, beautiful and balmy January days, when our scarves stay in the closet and our sunglasses are worn for both style and protection. It can make one long for snowy climes, big drifts and frozen lakes...

    We kid, of course. This gorgeous weather actually does not inspire such feelings, at least for many SoCalers, people who are not dabbing away sad tears as they don shorts and a tee to run errands on a winter's morning. Not at all. We Angelenos know how to bask when the basking's good.

    But a little snow that's brief and solely for enjoyment? That would be welcome. And a little local beer? Well, that sounds mighty acceptable, too.

    Put those two together and you have Angel City Brewery & Public House's first-ever Snow Day. There shall be "real SNOW" in an outdoor snow garden adjacent to the Arts District brewhouse, and "hot toddies made with Greenbar Organic Distillery's Bourbon" and food, too. 

    Snow food, so think hot dogs, chili, and cupcakes. You want comfort when you're playing in the cold stuff, right? Righto.

    As for what is going on indoors? Look for a "simulated fireplace" and a "Goonies" screening.

    Kind of sort of best of all? This isn't happening on a weekend day, but a Friday. Friday January the 23rd to be exact, starting in early afternoon, so if you took a late lunch and played in some snow, and sipped a fancy IPA, and then returned to your office and told your cubicle mates what you'd been up to, well, the jealousy might be rampant.

    But we're sort of used to the whole jealousy thing, where snow is concerned. People not living in Southern California can envy our plentiful sunbeams in January and we can envy the picturesque snow days found in frostier climates.

    Well. "Envy" is a strong word, perhaps, but we do have a longing for a bit of snowplay, now and then. So thank you, Angel City, for giving SoCalers a chance to mitten up when they grow tired of tees, shorts, and sunglasses. 

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