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Strange Magic in Heritage Square

An evening of old-time mysticism and mystery unfurls near the 110 Freeway



    Strange Magic in Heritage Square
    Alysia Gray Painter
    Atmospheric Heritage Square is the setting for an evening of magic and mysticism on Saturday, Jan. 26.

    Mysticism and magic and mystery go in and out of vogue, depending on the cultural climate and the yarns and books and movies of the day. Fashion and politics and how secure we all feel about what's to come probably play into our fascination with the unknown, too.

    But few people exhibited the love of the strange and unexplained in the way the Victorians did. Crystal balls and fortunetellers and card tricks that were nothing less than fantastique had their reign in the late 1800s, so much so that it is hard to see a modern "Sherlock Holmes" retelling or other story set in the era without a reference to the rampant mysticism of the day.

    Of course, we're fortunate to have our own authentic slice of Victoriana here in Los Angeles -- that would be Heritage Square, off the 110 Freeway in northeast Los Angeles -- and a mystic set to perform there in the style of the Victorian enchanters of yore.

    Clairvoyant Victor Ian Èlan will unleash some old-style "19-century conjuring" in addition to mind-reading and magic. It's very much a parlor-posh night, meaning that sophistication and wonder are the names of the game (and, yes, this is for adults, not children, or at least children younger than age 13).

    Mr. Èlan will perform on Saturday, Jan. 26 and again on Saturday, April 27.

    Heritage Square is introducing a new Victorian magic program, so look for more mysterious and elegant events to fill the historic mansions fronting the freeway in the months to come.

    A ticket is $60 and reservations are essential.

    Mostly we're glad to see a happening that would normally take place near Halloween find purchase in wintertime. Because, for the Victorians? This sort of parlor night was indeed a fanciful year-round affair.

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