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Table-Ready Togs Jog: Long Beach Turkey Trot

Let the dish of yams rest and slip on your sneakers.



    Table-Ready Togs Jog: Long Beach Turkey Trot
    Lei Wang
    The Long Beach Turkey Trot stretches a leg on Thanksgiving morning. Gobble.

    There was a mystical day, lo around the 1960s and '70s, when Thanksgiving morning was all about the wearing of the pajamas, possibly through noon or whenever the expected relatives pulled into the driveway, ready to eat.

    Some Thanksgiving revelers even kept their pajamas on into the following night, legend says.

    In fact one could call the holiday, quite accurately, the Pajama-iest Day of the Year, though New Year's Day might fight for that crown (and lose, since large numbers of people still are in their nighttime fancy wear come the morning). 

    But the PJs are off and the jogging togs are on when the modern Thanksgiving clucks into view. The fast, decade-long rise in Turkey Trots, including the large one in Long Beach, have had holiday relaxers pulling out of bed early, sticking the bird or faux-fowl in the oven, and then heading off to run and raise funds for a rainbow of causes.

    The LBC trot, which is helmed by Justin Rudd, the honcho of the Haute Dogs parades, includes both a 5K and a 10K, and the first starting time is early, like, workday-early: 7 a.m.  But you're going to be sacked out later in the day, right? Post-mashed potatoes?

    You'll get your nap in at some point. Worry not.

    Many runners do dress as canned cranberries, silverware, and, yes, a certain gobble-gobbler, so if you can hoof it while costumed, feel free to do so.

    The Community Action Team, which lends support to a host of causes around the town (beach clean-ups, spelling bees), is the beneficiary of the Thursday, Nov. 27 fundraiser.

    Note that online registration locks it all up on Tuesday evening, Nov. 25, but you can register in person, with cash, at the packet pick-up on Wednesday or at the morning of the race.

    As for bidding goodbye to the Pajama-iest Day of the Year? We absolutely do not expect you to do that. Instead, head home after the Turkey Trot, shower, check on the sides, and then slip back into your favorite stripey flannels. 

    You want a stretchy waistband when you sit down to feast, right? Pajamas win here, always.

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