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Your New Awww Video: Red the Dog Visits LA Icons

One dog, one human, and a slew of sparkly local locations. How many can you count?



    Your New Awww Video: Red the Dog Visits LA Icons
    Pet Collective
    A new video from The Pet Collective follows Red as he and his human make their way past some of LA's best-known locations.

    It's been, ohhh, probably three or four hours since somebody trotted out the old chestnut that Los Angeles is a car-focused city and its denizens avoid walking at all costs.

    Don't you love that? Yeah. It's not the freshest nor timeliest of observations.

    But there is a drumbeat that grows ever louder that continues to change minds and win hearts. We have CicLAvia, the three-times-a-year, close-down-the-streets bike roll, yes, and many of us mark CarFree Day (which is just ahead on Sunday, Sept. 22).

    And, disbelievers? We walk. A lot. We take historic rambles up our hills and around our skyscrapers and we even, sometimes, leash up Fido and let him join.

    Or make that Red the Dog. The current coo-worthy video from The Pet Collective making internet hearts melt follows a not-so-tiny pup named Red and his human as they visit some of our city's most recognizable landmarks.

    How many can you count? We're happy to see the Page Museum's roll-downable hill in the line-up.

    It's cute and so local. LA Convention and Visitors Bureau -- think this is something people elsewhere need to see? After all, it deftly captures our pet-nice, walk-fun, landmark-enriched way of life here in not-so-car-dependent Southern California.


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