Buttercup's Biannual Bargains

Couches, tables, and your big, hefty, home items get reduced.

The holidays, without us really realizing it, are often about the small stuff. Tiny, blinking bulbs. Wee baubles attached to the top of packages. Chestnuts.

But once the crumbled paper is cleared away, and the ribbons re-rolled, and we have a clear view of the bigger items around the house, the ones that do daily duty year-in and year-out, well. Maybe it is time to turn the attention to the larger goods.

Making the famous H.D. Buttercup half-yearly sale perfectly timed, seeing as how it arrives following Christmas. It's all about the things our relatives have been sitting on and eating off of the last few days -- couches, tables, chairs, and such. In fact, here's the headline: "20%-70% off entire store."

That about says it all. It's a pretty massive store. You know its Helms Building, Culver City location.

So, go comb through the deals on wrapping paper and bows and the small stuff elsewhere; that's important, too, but of course it won't be called into duty before next December. A new couch to replace the one that has weathered fifteen or twenty Decembers? Perhaps that's next.

The H.D. Buttercup Half-Yearly Sale runs from Monday, Dec. 26 through Monday, Jan. 16.

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