Cars So Cool Even Austin and James and Dick Drive ‘Em

Brit Week, or Brit Fortnight Plus Five or So Days, continues, with a lively, cocktails-and-tailpipes kind of affair at the Petersen Automotive Museum on the Miracle Mile.

Looks like a real corker, too. The focus: British cars. In fact, owners of British cars are receiving a special welcome, with free parking (with a paid reservation). So if you want to show that gleaming little something off, better call ahead. But even if you don't own an Aston Martin or Austin Healey or a Triumph, you're still welcome to swing by the party for 1960s-era tunes (best find your Carnaby Street-style cap), dancing, nibbles, and drinks. The centerpiece of the party is a look at Morgan Motors. It's all so civilized.

We're still great fans of any the sleek machines James Bond mans, or that rattletrap beauty Dick Van Dyke drives in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" (but maybe we're biased since that particular vehicle could fly). Still, we'd take the Union Jack-painted Jaguar Xk8 Austin Powers drove in its place. And we'd pick up Dr. Evil and Scott Evil and take them to lunch. At Pink's. This is our fantasy, we're doing with it what we like.

Cool Britannia at the Petersen
Wednesday, May 6

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