Controversial Silver Lake Stoplight Likely Coming

[Mock up of light along Silver Lake Blvd]
A new stoplight in Los Angeles may or may not throw a community in an uproar, but when it comes to putting a stoplight in Silver Lake--and along Silver Lake Boulevard--you can expect an uproar. To mitigate pedestrian traffic caused by the forthcoming meadow-now expected to open in spring 2009--the Department of Transportation (DOT) is recommending a stop light be put along Silver Lake Boulevard at Earl Street. The DOT had previously made this recommendation back in August, but some unhappy locals, particularly those who live along Earl (they fear cut through traffic), had been told that discussions would continue about possible alternatives.

But the DOT is remaining firm in its opinion that "a stoplight would be the best and safest option," says Julie Wong, press secretary for City Council President Eric Garcetti (and it would appear Garcetti's office is firmly backing the DOT's decision). The light would likely go in spring 2009 to coincide with the meadow opening. Some locals will likely continue to fight the light--and this being Silver Lake, they will fight it quite vigorously, we imagine.
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