MOCA Becomes a Mini Golf Course. Plus: Donuts

If you've seen the MOCA Grand Avenue campus, you'll know there are several levels and nooks and distinct areas going on. If you've ever tried to envision some sort of miniature golf course being spread out around the campus... wait, you haven't? Lucky then that Knifeandfork, the current artist-in-residence at the Museum of Contemporary Art, has thunk up some sort of mad golf wonderland that's definitely *not* par for the course.

The golf-based goodness rolls on Thursday, March 5, and there are rules that, we're just guessing, probably aren't in any way similar to the rules you remember from the Mr. Squiggly Sunshine's Golf-a-terium you used to frequent as a kid. The upshot is the balls are tracked with some sort of radio frequency device, and every time a ball plops into a hole, an onsite donut maker makes a donut hole. Teamwork is key, and magic, possible.

Is there really any more you need to know? Are you filled with wonder, and visions of colorful, dimpled orbs, and old-school putters, and tasty pastries that are made as a result of your athletic prowess?

Emptiness is Form (Golf and Donuts)
Thursday, March 5, 7PM
MOCA Grand Avenue, 250 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles

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