New: California Beer Fest San Dimas Grows

The September staple stretches to two days in 2015.

THE CRAFT BEER INDUSTRY, like all robust industries, forever seems to be on the up-and-up. New brewmakers arrive in town, new ways of making brew are tried out, new ingredients are introduced -- avocado, ginger, cinnamon -- and the whole roll-up-your-sleeves-and-make-fine-beer push pushes on a little further. This grow-on sentiment also applies to those foamy festivals spotlighting what Golden State sudsmakers are doing with their new releases and new ventures. Our state is pretty rife with weekend craft brew bashes and food 'n brew pairing parties, but those parties are, like the beer scene, ever-changing and ever-growing, too. Look to the California Beer Festival, one of the stalwarts on the annual beer calendar. It is an on-the-road celebration, a festival that begins in the Bay Area early in summer and moves down to Southern California in September, landing finally in San Dimas and Ventura. But while the end-of-the-road Ventura party has typically been a two-day thing for the California Beer Festival, San Dimas has traditionally filled a single day only, on the fest's calendar. That's changing in 2015, when the festival's San Dimas stop takes a full...

TWO DAYS... to introduce fans to dozens of labels made within California's borders and beyond. Saturday, Sept. 12 and Sunday, Sept. 13 are the dates, Frank G. Bonelli Park is the place, and when we say "dozens of labels" we mean over 85 in all. That means lining up your designated driver, or finding a local hotel to stay the night, is key before nabbing your ticket. The days aren't exactly the same, so take note before landing on which one you'll mark on your calendar. Saturday is "Craft Beer Heaven" and Sunday is all about "Hamburger & Hops" plus a lot of tunes, too. Want to see the scene without the suds? There's a designated driver ticket.

WANT TO GO VENTURA? That's happening the following weekend, and it is now a three-day affair. Dates are Sept. 18 through 20 and there's a stayover package at the nearby Marriott. Info? Here. List of to-dos and brewers? This way.

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