Weekend: Bubblefest

The Discovery Science Center's bubbly bash drifts and delights.

BUBBLEFEST: If someone calls something "kid stuff" and say they've outgrown it, we'll go with what they're saying. But if they say that about bubbles, and all the wonders you can blow from soapy suds, we flat out don't believe them. Everyone loves bubbles and bubble technology, perhaps most of all the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana. The institution's annual bubble bash opens on Saturday, March 31.

BREWERY ARTWALK: Let's call this biannual event a tried-and-true local favorite and not accept challenges to that fact. It's free, over 100 artists participate, you get to see inside studios and several private homes, there's a convivial, hang-out spirit to the weekend, and, yep, it is inside one of our city's biggest, prettiest piles. The smokestack? Near the 5? That's where you want to go. Saturday, March 31 and Sunday, April 1.

EARTH HOUR: The sixty shut-your-lights-off minutes arrive here and everywhere on Saturday, March 31 at 8:30 p.m. Think about sustainability, the environment, turning off lamps when you leave rooms, and other issues while you enjoy a little quiet time on your own, with neighbors, or your favorite alone-time buddy.

TOMATOMANIA! This major seedlings tour comes complete with exclamation point in its name, so you know it is dang serious about its title fruit. Next stop? Westwood and Descanso Gardens. You love your heirlooms? You dream of making tarts and salsas and fancy pastas this summer? Make one or both of these places over the next few days.

MUSEUM LOVE: It's a music-and-idea-laden First Friday party at the Natural History Museum on Friday, March 30 (which means there is no First Friday in April, note). And the Grammy Museum is waiving admission on Saturday, March 31. It's part of Pacific Standard Time. Rock on!

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