App Blocks Other Smartphones From Taking Your Photo

The app automatically blurs your face when someone else snaps a photo or video on their smartphone

A start-up with deep military roots has developed a way to block someone from taking your picture or video with a smartphone, easing concerns over privacy.

The new technology created by Geeter Kyrazis and his company, Aerdos, allows your smartphone to send out a signal to other enabled phones. If someone takes your picture, it blurs your face.

"In real time as someone tries to take a picture of you, it automatically will blur your face or your body," Kyrazis said.

Kyrazis hopes to convince phone manufactures like Apple and Samsung to make it part of the operating system. In the meantime, his company will have the software ready for the public within a year.

"We feel with these new technologies there is an infringement that didn't used to exist that should be addressed somehow," he said.

Apple filed for a patent that does something similar. It will use inferred technology to disable phones that point in the direction of a concert venue or movie screen.

The battle over personal privacy in public places touches everyone from celebrities to private families.

"Nowadays you don't know what's going to happen to your picture," said Larry Padre, a tourist from Pennsylvania visiting the Santa Monica Pier with his two daughters. "I think it's great for people who are concerned about their privacy."

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