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Food Truck Rule Change Aims to Speed Up Meals for Customers

The rule change is set to go into effect on July 1

The hungry customers of the food truck scene may have an easier time getting grub thanks to a rule change set to go into effect Tuesday.

Under the new rules set by the California State Board of Equalization, customers can now presume that sales tax is included on all taxable items, unless it is explicitly stated that it is added additionally.

What this means is that the gourmet pork belly slider sizzling down the street from your office listed for five bucks actually costs $5.

The board said the changes were put in place to help customers grab lunch without grabbing for change at the bottom of their pocket. In addition, they said the change would allow food truck operators an easier way to set their pricing.

Some food truck owners said the change simply codifies something they have previously been practicing. Akeem Wong, owner of the Arroy Food Truck, which serves Asian-fusion cuisine, said his truck already includes tax in their menu items to make their prices a flat dollar amount.

He added that including taxes in the price expedites the meal for everyone.

"We've found it makes it more convenient and quicker for the customers waiting in line," he said. "It just speeds up the process.”

For those wanting to see and taste the changes first-hand, Alameda Square in Downtown Los Angeles hosts food trucks every weekday in their "Lunch Lot" event.

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