Garden Grove

Burglar Breaks Into Garden Grove Store Through Roof, Takes Lottery Tickets

Visible damage to the roof was seen and a rope was found on the other side of the building, causing officials to believe the burglar used the rope to get in and out of the store.

A brazen burglar broke into a convenience store in Garden Grove early Tuesday through the roof of the business and took an unknown amount of lottery tickets.

The A1 Food Mart alarm went off at approximately 2 a.m., to which the Garden Grove Police Department responded.

Upon arrival, officials said they could see visible damage to the store's roof and found a rope on the other side of the building. They believe the burglar were able to enter and exit the business by climbing up and down the rope.

Authorities are unsure if the burglar acted alone and have no description of the person responsible for the break-in. An investigation is underway to identify the burglar. 

Anyone with information regarding the burglary is asked to contact the Garden Grove Police Department at 714-741-5704.

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