California Wildfires

Here are Some Things Not to Do as the Bobcat Fire Rages

For example, creating a traffic jam and blocking residents from evacuating as crews attempt to extinguish flames so you can get an Instagram shot is not advised. 

As the Bobcat Fire in the mountains northeast of Los Angeles continued to burn more than 50,500 acres, city and fire officials are asking everyone to help ease the burden by not doing a few key things.

Don’t Block Roads in Pursuit of the Perfect Photo

The City of Monrovia saw traffic jams near the Bobcat Fire. The cause? People from out of town, coming from Long Beach and as far as Orange County, to check out the fire and get photographs.

The city said going forward, roads would be closed and the only people allowed would have to show IDs to reduce traffic for people who needed to evacuate. 

Stop Flying Your Drones Above the Fire

This goes for the Bobcat Fire and every other wildfire burning across the state. Yes, the videos are cool. Yes, they can hinder or bring to a complete stop all aerial firefighting. Drones can collide with firefighting aircraft, causing a serious or fatal accident. Plus, anyone interfering with wildfire suppression efforts may be subject to civil penalties and criminal prosecution. So just don’t do it. It’s a No Drone Zone.

Don't Waste Water

It’s no surprise that fighting fires takes a lot of water. 

The Monrovia Fire Department was asking residents to conserve water, as strike teams would be using the water supply if crews could not refill on their own.

For starters:

  • Conserve water. The supply has an added strain when crews are fighting fires, so the supply will not replenish as fast without conservation. 
  • Avoid watering lawns, or dousing homes in water, if the blaze is not wind-driven. 
  • If ordered to evacuate, fire officials said don’t leave water running in the house. Fire crews have a water supply available to them.
  • Officials also say to note that water pressure may go down as crews use the supply.
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