Activists Have Fun for a Change

Last October, a young graduate from Boston College decided to walk away from a secure job at HBO to follow a vision of service and community.

It was a life changing risk. But it was a well calculated risk.

Change was a siren call to Philip Gilpin. He left his corporate job, emptied his savings and started the International Green Shield, a non-profit organization with a mission to protect people affected by harsh climates and natural disasters.

The organization's preventive construction projects use green technologies. Eco-friendly materials are used for complete construction of new homes, schools and other buildings.

His mission was changed from research to service.

"We're a company of young people that are actually doing it," Gilpin said.

Gilpin formed a young, driven team of talent. He formed a business with a $100,000 budget to really change a community.


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Fundraising events in Los Angeles have bolstered Gilpin's drive toward success. The next International Greenshield fundraising event is the April Fool's Day Comedy Bingo at Spanish Kitchen.

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