Disneyland Fireworks Ignite Fury in Neighbors

Fireworks light the sky every night to the delight of tourists and dismay of neighbors

Talk about frequent flyers.

Some 200 nights a year, fireworks blast off from Disneyland, illuminating area rooftops and rattling car alarms.

Homeowners nearby admit Disney was here first, but say they had no idea the raucous show was part of the deal.

“The bad side is they’re very very very loud, and they go off every single night during the summer and then New Years Eve, and on Miley Cyrus’ birthday,” according to Juanita Driskell, a neighbor.

“I grew up in Anaheim, and I personally sort of enjoy the fireworks, but they were only on summer weekends, and only during the three summer months. Now it's of course every night,” says Steve White, President of Anaheim HOME.

Activists say noise and repetition are only part of the problem.

Forty year resident Denis Fitzgerald believes breathing is negatively affected.

"We’re sure that its gonna stop after five years or ten years from now. But the damage with these children is continuing every year. It's just insane to allow it to continue," says Denis Fitzgerald, a neighbor.

But officials at Disneyland say they are aware of the problem.

“Disneyland is dedicated to being a good neighbor and through innovative air-launch technology we have been able to reduce smoke and noise levels in fireworks while providing high-quality entertainment that drives millions of visitors to Southern California each year," according to Suzi Brown, Director, Media Relations & External Communications at the Disneyland Resort."

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