‘Friends' Furniture: Visit Central Perk in Burbank

If the cast's mini TV reunion has you missing the series, call upon Warner Bros. for a chance to sit on the "Friends" couch.

When word arrives that several cast members from one of the most popular, and re-watched, and written about, and loved-upon series is having a mini-reunion of sorts, fans begin to do a lot of reminiscing.

They remember favorite plotlines, and surprise cameos, and the love stories, and the sets, which were highly stylized rooms that, over time, practically became as familiar as the rooms in one's own home.

Such a mini-reunion is set to air on NBC on Sunday, Feb. 21, when several "Friends" actors will appear on "Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows." 

And while much contemporary homage will be paid to Mr. Burrows, the innovative television visionary, some viewers may long to see the ol' gang back at the Central Perk, the main hangout for Monica, Rachel, and their pals.

You can revisit the DVDs for a look-back at the couch-y, coffee-scented spot, or you can sign up for a Warner Bros. Studio Tour and see the set in person. It still exists, though it has been moved a few times from its original place on Stage 24 to Stage 48, the costume-packed conclusion to the tram-famous tour.

Ah yes, there are now displayed costumes from the series as well, a newer addition to the tour. Many fans, after eyeing the clothes worn by the characters, take some time to queue up for a photo on the coffeehouse couch, which sits adjacent to the barista bar, and near the windows, just as it did in the series.

The show wrapped over a decade ago, after a decade-long run, but its force is still felt on streaming services, in fashion articles -- the Rachel haircut makes a comeback, from time to time -- and on a certain landmark lot in Burbank. 

We can't return to 1994-2004, the period of "Friends," though fans will of course enjoy seeing several actors during the Burrows tribute.

For a closer connection to the hit show, and some photos that are positively made for social media, book a spot on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, which will lead you to one of the best-known hangouts in all of popular culture.

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