Santa Monica

LA Love Will Illuminate the Pacific Wheel

The Monday night glow show is in support of a new tourism campaign, one that's been created for locals.

Pacific Park

What to Know

  • Monday night, Aug. 24
  • Free to see (you can catch it on the Ferris wheel's live cam)
  • The glow show is in support of the new LA tourism campaign for locals, LA♥

Do you just about wear out your heart emoji when it comes to talking about Los Angeles?

Oh, we know. You also frequently use the palm tree, the sun, the ocean wave, the car, and the star when enthusiastically texting about our favorite city.

But the heart is your number one go-to, for it expresses the big emotion you have for this big-in-all-ways place.

Discover Los Angeles understands our overuse of the heart when we're loving upon this beautiful burg. The organization is, in fact, the IRL embodiment of the heart-meets-LA text, for it covers all aspects of tourism in our corner of the world.

But tourism, of course, isn't just about tourists; locals, too, can savor their city, and the people at the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board have imagined a new campaign to help us connect with this marvelous megalopolis as we stay close to home.

The campaign? It's called "LA♥," and its all about sending some love to our hospitality industry in the face of the pandemic, and getting and about, locally and safely, as well.

The Pacific Wheel will spotlight this mega-hearted campaign on Monday, Aug. 24. True, the rides found at Pacific Park on Santa Monica Pier remain closed, but the solar-powered Ferris wheel will glow with the campaign's new symbol.

How to see it?

Why there's a live cam, of course. Check in, just after sundown, to see the Los Angeles-inspired light show in action.

Feeling the LA love, now more than ever? Keep an eye on Discover Los Angeles, for there's more to come on this reconnect-with-our-city happening.

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