Hair Booms: Locks of Hair Headed to Gulf Spill

Volunteers help gather 450,000 pounds of hair to aid in oil clean up

An environmental group in San Francisco called "Matter of Trust"  has sparked a grass roots movement calling on all hairstylists and animal groomers to  send their discarded locks to the Gulf Coast region.

Hair adheres to oil pretty efficiently, which is why your hair gets greasy, according to officials with "Matter of Trust." The non-profit organization for the past ten years has been making "hair booms" -- nylon stocking stuffed with human hair and trimmed animal fur.

"Booms will lie along the beach, the waves will come up, and they'll go through the hair and the nlyon. And the hair will grab the oir and then the wave goes back out and it's cleaner," said Lisa Gautier, co-found of Matter of Trust.

As of  Tuesday, more than 450,000 pounds of hair is on its way more than a dozen sites along the Gulf Coast.  The U.S. Coast Guard has received numerous inquiries over the past week suggesting the use of "hair booms."

Just when the hairy donations could be put into use is still up in the air.

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